Format: ​

  • In-person tutoring: I can tutor at your home or at a convenient public location.

  • Skype tutoring: I am available for Skype tutoring, but I recommend in-person tutoring because it allows me to notice important aspects of your child's math working style that are only visible in-person.

Areas of math: 

  • Calculus (including AB, BC, and multivariable)

  • Precalculus

  • Trigonometry

  • Geometry

  • Algebra II

  • Algebra I

  • Prealgebra

  • Arithmetic

  • Probability and Statistics

Test taking: 


  • Math for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, ISEE, SSAT, and Regents: Each test requires a different set of strategies. I can help with preparation, strategies, calculator technology, and making the most out of practice tests.

  • In-class tests: I can write practice tests that align with the format of the tests your child encounters in school. This alleviates test anxiety while assisting with content retention, study skills, and overall performance in class.


  • Problem-based learning / Exeter Math: If your child's math curriculum includes PBL, I can help. This is my specialty!

  • Traditional math curricula: This is how I learned math and am certified to teach it in NYS public schools.

  • Boarding school advice: Deciding whether a boarding school is right for your child? Having attended a public day school and having taught at a boarding school, I can offer advice and preparation based on your child's unique circumstances.

Together, we may work on any combination of the areas below.
Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions about how I can address your individual needs.
Wondering if I can help with something not listed below? Email me at for more info.

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