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Students working with Exeter Math require support tailored to overcome the unique challenges they confront in the classroom. With over six years of experience teaching and tutoring all levels of Exeter Math, I have a nuanced understanding of how students flourish in this environment. Here are ways I help families navigate Exeter Math beyond what is found in typical math tutoring:
  • Adjustment: Students new to schools using Exeter Math must adapt to an entirely new approach to learning math. I support these students by addressing content gaps, introducing problem-solving techniques found throughout the curriculum, and developing skills for making the most of a discussion-based class format.

  • Content and methods: Many topics and methods in Exeter's curriculum are not found in most other high school math curricula. I teach students to apply the most efficient methods for solving Exeter-style problems. This saves families hours of work for years to come.

  • Curriculum structure: I know which themes repeat themselves throughout the curriculum over time. This lets me help students allocate their limited studying time to achieve the most benefit.

  • Organization: Without a textbook, many students struggle to organize their work and extract the main themes from the problem sets. I teach students to create notes they will reference for years. 

  • In-class presentations: Students working with Exeter Math are required to present their solutions to their classmates on most days. I help students develop their presentation skills to develop confidence in class discussions.

  • Test-taking strategies: Without a textbook as a guide and with so many problems to review, many students find it difficult to prepare for assessments. I work with students to anticipate the kinds of problems most likely to appear on a test. I encourage efficient problem-solving methods so students complete tests with time to spare to check their work.

  • Planning ahead: Wondering which math course to take next year? I use my knowledge of Exeter Math to advise families on the pros and cons of different options based on each student's goals.

Contact me at to learn about how I can customize my approach to support your child's success with Exeter Math, no matter which school he or she attends.
 Exeter Math was developed by the math department at Phillips Exeter Academy and has been adapted at schools all over the world. Click here for more information about the curriculum.
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