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Remote learning has upended education in ways unimaginable just a few months ago. I help parents and students adapt to the challenges of remote and hybrid learning to thrive during these challenging times. I offer one-on-one and group consultation for parents and students looking to minimize disruption and maximize learning while schools follow remote or hybrid models. Together, we will make this year count!

For Parents: 

  • Strategies to work with your child's teachers to improve educational outcomes

  • Tips to reduce your workload while helping your child learn at home

  • Ways to reduce your child's screen time

  • Curriculum development and enrichment to ensure your child stays ahead

  • Teaching methods you can use with your children at home

  • Long term planning for your child's education in an uncertain world

  • Finding safe and creative ways to support your child's socialization while away from school

For Students: 

  • Advice for making a strong impression in remote classes, even if you have not met your teacher in-person

  • Ways to work with your teacher and classmates to make remote classes more engaging

  • Strategies to ace new kinds of assessments

  • Stress reduction during challenging times

  • Organization and planning under complex class schedules

  • Support during asynchronous learning days

  • Help catching up if you fall behind due to illness

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