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Tutoring was always the best part of my day as a math teacher. While teaching at Phillips Exeter Academy and The Chapin School, my favorite memories were helping individual students overcome the challenges they faced both inside and outside the classroom. I learned how success in math created opportunities for my students far beyond the reach of the classroom. 

I know how schools work, and I know how students work. My six years teaching at elite secondary schools have given me unique insight on how students succeed in these environments along with the challenges they encounter along the way. As an independent tutor, I have worked with students from over twenty selective public and private schools in New York City and beyond. I believe any student can achieve beyond expectations with individual support and encouragement, no matter which school he or she attends. Each student has a unique set of gifts, challenges, and circumstances, so my goal is to find the most effective method for every individual.

My Credentials:

  • BA, Mathematics, Bard College

  • Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Mathematics, Bard College 

  • New York State Secondary Mathematics Teaching Certification

  • Mathematics Instructor, Phillips Exeter Academy

  • Mathematics Instructor, The Chapin School

  • Mathematics Tutor, NYC

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